Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Headmaster Ebenezer G. Parsons and Sarah Parsons

Ebenezer Greenleaf Parsons, at the age of sixty, became the sixteenth Headmaster of Dummer Academy in 1872. In that same year the Trustees of the Academy voted to allow girls to attend classes under the supervision of Ebenezer’s wife Sarah, herself a teacher. For ten years the couple worked together educating their young pupils teaching such courses as Latin Grammar, Arithmetic, Greek Prose Composition and Reading. The names of six girls, Minnie Blake, Susie P. Blake, Carrie G. Knight, Jennie Noyes, Mary W. Small and Alice G. Woodman, appear for the first time in the 1872-1873 school catalogue as attending students. Ten years later, after Parsons’ resignation in 1882, girls were once again not allowed to attend Dummer Academy for another sixteen years, until 1898 under the guidance of Headmaster Perley L. Horne.

*Look for further information on Carrie G. Knight in a future blog posting!

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