Friday, March 30, 2007

1914 Dummer Academy Student Body

This panoramic photograph taken in front of the Mansion House captures the Dummer Academy student body in 1914. According to the catalog of that year, “the school for boys”, enrolled both boarding and day students starting at the age of ten years. To the right of the line of students, with a bowler hat, is Headmaster Charles S. Ingham. Standing proudly with his young scholars he seems to say “the school aims to discover the possibilities of each student and to train him so that in utilizing his possibilities, he may think clearly and soundly, and, with widened perceptions and strengthened affections, seek eagerly his proper place in the community, render full service and advance high purposes.”

Under the watchful eye of Headmaster Ingham and a faculty of seven masters, the sixty-six students enjoyed “the wholesome, normal life so necessary for a proper development.” In addition to playing football, basketball and hockey, “the boys enjoy the country sports in their season-hunting, snowshoeing and swimming in the Parker River.” While the boys enjoyed an active and varied social life, “the distractions of city life are eliminated. The school is the center of interest.” Reassuring words for parents of every generation!

*All quotes taken from the 1914 school catalog

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