Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gold in the Hills or the Dead Sister's Secret

During the summer of 1931 the Dummer Allies, an association organized by female graduates and friends of the Academy in 1910, performed the play, Gold in the Hills or the Dead Sister's Secret. The production was held in the qymnasium of the school.

According to the playbill, "Gold in the Hills, or the Dead Sister's Secret" is warranted to run the gamut of emotions, wring the heart-strings, delight the eye, show you the brink of the abyss, and leave a good taste in the mouth. Young people may bring their mothers and fathers without dread of any harmful influence, and grandmother will wipe her glasses and ask for more."

The casting and production was a group effort and in the September 8, 1931 minutes of the Dummer Allies, it was voted "that a vote of thanks be extended to Miss Helen McG. Noyes [an Academy friend and benefactor] and the caste for the melodrama, "Gold in the Hills of the Dead Sister's Secret" which was given so acceptably at the Dummer Gymnasium...Special thanks to be given to Mrs. Eames [the wife of Headmaster Ted Eames] for providing lemonade at a very hot evening at one of the rehearsals. A vote of thanks be given Mr. William Dummer [the husband of the President of the Dummer Allies] for his kindness and help in giving on the wiring and lights."

*The photograph is of cast member Dorothy Dunn dressed as Nel Standley. Click on the above images to enlarge.