Monday, March 23, 2015

Answers to Gov's Trivia

I hope everyone enjoyed the opportunity to test your knowledge of school trivia.  The answers to the last blog's questions are listed below:

1. The plaque was hung in the Lang Gymnasium, which is now Schuman, also known as part of the Math Science center.  I was interested to note the reference at the bottom of the plaque to "non sibi sed allis," which I had previously believed was a more recent school motto.  

2. The alumnus is Rufus King, who had a career in early US politics.  Not only was he a signer of the US Constitution, he was also an anti-slavery activist, a US Senator from NY, and a Federalist candidate for President.

3. The oldest Milestone in our collection is from 1923, which was, I believe, the first year of publication.  Prior to that, most students kept scrapbooks in order to preserve their memories.  Our collection of Milestones are available on line at  Once on the site, search for Governor's Academy Milestone.

4. The photo of these fashionable young men was from the 1975 Milestone.

5. In 1905, the Little Red School House and Perkins occupied the place that is now occupied by the Pescosolido Library and Kaiser Arts Center.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Archives Trivia

Test you knowledge of school history!  How many of the following photos can you identify?

1. What building was home to this plaque?

2. Who is this famous alumnus?

3. Below are two images from our oldest yearbook, describing student life from that year.  What is the year?

4.  Here is a photo of some fashion conscious students from an earlier era.  Guess the year this photo was taken. 

5. This photo of Perkins and the Little Red School House was taken in 1905, prior to either building being renovated and moved.  What two buildings are in this location today?

Good luck!  Answers will be posted next week on this blog!