Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Perkins Gymnasium to Perkins Hall

In 1924 Perkins Gymnasium was moved to the corner of Elm Street and Middle Road where it was remodeled as housing for twenty-two boys and one Master. At Commencement held on June 5, 1925, the building was renamed Perkins Hall and dedicated and to former Headmaster John (Jack) W. Perkins who attended the ceremony. “The arrival of the honored guests on the grounds”, wrote the Newburyport Daily News, “was hailed with great enthusiasm and as their car drove in on the grounds as a dozen old grads gave them a Dummer cheer-“D-u-m-m-e-r! Rah! Rah! Jack!” that made the old master smile at the greeting. Soon he and Mrs. Perkins were in the midst of the old boys they loved so well, greeted by the warm embraces of the joyous group of old school fellows. “Jack” Perkins certainly enjoyed it and “Mother” Perkins was hugged and kissed by her boys, now really old boys, many of them graduates of nearly 40 years ago.”

*The photograph to the left shows the beginning stages of the remodeling of Perkins Gymnasium into Perkins Hall. The photograph to the right is of Perkins Hall and was taken ca. 1932.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tennis Anyone?

Here is a photograph of the Dummer Academy tennis court taken in 1905. The earthen court was located behind the Perkins Gymnasium. In the background, looking to the right of the gymnasium is the Mansion House. Further to the right are open fields where the Morris P. Frost Building and the Carl A. Pescosolido Library stand today.