Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Portrait of George W. Adams

This portrait of George W. Adams was painted and presented to the school in November 1939 by the Reverend Glenn Tilley Morse, a friend and Trustee of the Academy. An 1873 graduate of Dummer Academy, Mr. Adams remained close to the community during his life by attending vesper services every Sunday evening. On February 2, 1945 at the age of ninety, Adams proudly became the oldest living alumnus of Governor Dummer Academy. He spoke enthusiastically of his family’s connection linking four generations of descendants including two masters, two trustees and seventy-five students to his beloved school. The portrait, depicting Adams in an armchair holding a copy of The Milestone, is a wonderful tribute to a man who cared deeply for the Academy.
*Question for our alums: Does anyone remember meeting George W. Adams? (Mr. Adams was known locally as an apiarist or beekeeper)

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