Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dedication of 1936 Milestone to Mrs. Carrie G.K. Ambrose

Two years before her death in 1938, the Academy honored Mrs. Carrie G. K Ambrose by dedicating the 1936 Milestone in her name. “Mrs. Ambrose has probably known more boys at the Academy than has any other person. She was herself a student here in the days when a limited number of girls from the vicinity were enrolled. Since her graduation sixty years ago she has reside continuously in the neighborhood and had never failed to attend commencement ceremonies; and it is for her that many returning alumni first inquire on those occasions. The increased contacts with the school resulting from her duties as postmistress of South Byfield and Landlady of Ambrose House have in late years served to deepen the affection with which she is regarded by us all.” (1936 Milestone) Mrs. Ambrose died at her homestead in Byfield on January 6, 1938. “When we heard that she had gone”, wrote the editor of The Archon, “it seemed for a moment as though nothing was left in Byfield but empty space, but it was only for a moment. For where she loved and gave so much, life flows on enriched, because of her. It was only the pause before the turn of the tide”. (The Archon, February 5, 1938)

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