Friday, September 26, 2014

Ever Changing Perkins!

1905 Tennis match behind Perkins Gymnasium (on what is now the lawn in front of the Phillips Building)
1923 renovations on Perkins
         Did you know that Perkins has not always resided next to Boynton House? Nor was it built as a dormitory.  The original building, constructed on the other side of Mansion House in 1887, served as the first gymnasium for Dummer Academy.  Under headmaster Charles Ingham, it was renovated and moved in the mid 1920's, at which time it became a dormitory.  Finally in 1956, it was moved to its present location. Since this move, additions to both ends of the building have been added.  Below is a link to a video of the 1956 move, which looks surprisingly current with vivid color film.  A close look at clothing, vehicles, and surrounding buildings will help identify its actual creation date from the Eames era. Watch the entire clip for a guest appearance from a familiar face for some alumni.  Enjoy this video flashback!

Newspaper clipping about 1956 move of Perkins Dormitory