Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Request for Alumni

This weekend I had a wonderful chance to meet some of the older alumni and hear stories about their time at Governor Dummer Academy.  I was looking at some old photos with one gentleman who noted that he didn't realize that the academy had a rifle club when he was there.  This lead me to thinking about my own limited perspective on the school's history.  When piecing together stories about the academy, I am limited to the materials in the archives.  The presence, or lack thereof, of photographs or other documents might lead me to think that activities were more or less influential than they actually were.  This is where you as alumni come in.  I would love to hear from people about your own experiences here as students.  What events, activities, moments, etc. stand out in your minds?  What do you still carry with you today?  What stories would you like to share with current students?  Please send them to me.  You can either send them by email or, if you are feeling tech savvy, tell them to a web cam and upload them to your computer and send me a link.  Personal material helps to capture the history so that it is not lost to the ages.  Help this archivist by sending along your stories.  Thanks.