Friday, February 1, 2008

Morse Flag Award 1916

During the winter of 1968, Mrs. Gladys Fish, Secretary to the Director of Development and Editor of The Archon, began collecting the reminiscences of past Morse Flag prize winners. Established in 1913 by Rev. Glenn Tilley Morse, the Morse Flag Award is given each year “to that senior whose record in all respects has met with the highest approval of the faculty.” In her introductory letter, Mrs. Fish asks each prize holder “if you feel that the winning of the Flag influenced you in any way-what meaning it may have had for you over the years.” Thirty-five prize winners responded to Mrs. Fish’s request and their recollections appear together in an article entitled, The Morse Flag Award, in the summer 1968 issue of The Archon. Recently while glancing through the correspondences Mrs. Fish received, I came across the following five-page-typewritten memories of Fred H. Goodwin, Morse Flag Award winner of 1916. I think you will find his memories enjoyable to read.
The photograph to the right is of Fred H. Goodwin '16
*Click on each page to enlarge.

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