Thursday, October 18, 2007

Student Artwork From The 1924 Milestone

While looking through old copies of The Milestone, I noticed, scattered among the black and white photographs, pages of students art work dividing the yearbook into separate chapters. In the 1924 copy of The Milestone, the line drawings of one student in particular, all signed with the initials WTC, caught my eye. The initials stand for William Terhune Carpenter or "Carp", the student Art Editor of the yearbook. After graduating from Dummer Academy in 1924, Carpenter entered Cornell University. Upon graduating from the University in 1928, he entered the Boston Museum of Art School. Carpenter worked as an advertising executive until his retirement. Scroll down to view examples of his work.

***The photograph is of the 1924 Milestone Board. William Terhune Carpenter is standing in the back row fourth from the left.

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